ARLINGTON, VA / ACCESSWIRE / February 3, 2021 / The COVID-19 pandemic has canceled numerous events, and the sailing industry recently experienced another major upset. The completion of the 2019–2020 Clipper Round the World Race has been rescheduled for a later date after being halted in early 2020 due to the pandemic. Avid sailor Jim Feldkamp recently discussed this change.

“The sailing world is devastated to have to reschedule the remainder of this event,” Feldkamp said. “But it’s better safe than sorry in regards to the coronavirus pandemic. …

If you live in the United States of America, then you’re fortunate to be surrounded by beauty almost anywhere in the country. From the lush greenery in Washington to the vibrant beaches in Florida, the U.S. has scenery like no other. And luckily, many of the country’s most beautiful places are protected by the federal government. These areas are called National Parks. Below, Jim Feldkamp describes three of his favorite parks found in the United States.

Grand Canyon National Park

While it may be a big hole in the ground, the Grand Canyon provides some of the most unique scenery…

An avid sailor for years, Jim Feldkamp has explored the waters around the coasts of America and beyond, experiencing the best sailing routes the world has to offer. Here, he shares with readers five of the top sailing destinations he’s discovered in the United States.

Sailing isn’t for everyone, as experienced sailors like Jim Feldkamp tell us that it requires strength, know-how, and determination in the often-unpredictable ocean waters.

However, sailors are also quick to share their love of the sea and the one-of-a-kind experiences they’ve had while navigating sailing vessels using the wind as their guide.

Jim Feldkamp has…

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA, USA— Cyber-attacks are a constant risk for major companies. On June 9, 2020, BBC News released an article stating that Honda had confirmed a cyber-attack. Cyber-security expert Jim Feldkamp explained the Japanese car-maker made a statement shortly before the article was published. Jim Feldkamp added that the cyber-attack is currently affecting the company’s operations around the globe.

Jim Feldkamp explained that Honda’s cyber-attack affected the employees’ ability to use email, access computer servers, and properly use internal systems. He stated that the company is working tireleslly to restore complete functionality of these systems. …

Jim Feldkamp Virginia

Wine enthusiast Jim Feldkamp explains how the coronavirus pandemic has shifted wine industry trends and what will happen next.

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA, USA, June 11, 2020 / — The world consumes roughly 24 billion liters of wine per year. This results in roughly $29 billion in revenue. However, the wine industry in 2020 looks much different than in years past. Wine enthusiast Jim Feldkamp recently discussed how the coronavirus pandemic has shifted wine industry trends and what is expected to happen next.

“We’re starting to see a shift in purchasing trends due to the pandemic,” Jim Feldkamp said

Cybersecurity expert, author, and now-retired naval officer Jim Feldkamp looks back on more than 30 years of achievements, both personal and professional

Culminating in a crucial role as a subject matter expert at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., Jim Feldkamp, a cybersecurity expert now based in Arlington County, Virginia, has enjoyed a rich and varied career over the course of more than 30 years. Looking back on three decades of personal and professional success, Feldkamp offers an insight into his work alongside the U.S. Naval Reserves, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the online writing platform Reedsy, and more.

Jim Feldkamp’s…

Cybersecurity is an endless battle, with bad actors working to compromise unsuspecting people’s computers. Let James Feldkamp help educate you on how to defend yourself.

ARLINGTON, VA / ACCESSWIRE / March 11, 2020 / Keeping your computer, phone, and other devices secure from malicious actors and programs seems to be growing more difficult by the day as new methods are employed. The motives for this malice is not the same in every instance; for example, some may be done with the intention of stealing money from the victims, others seeking to steal data, and yet others simply exist to create…

Professional book editor Jim Feldkamp demonstrates what he believes it takes in life to succeed in the often highly competitive editing field.

A copy editor with experience at multiple publishing agencies, Jim Feldkamp specializes in national security, foreign affairs, history, and travel. Celebrated for his work as a professional book editor, Jim Feldkamp explains what he believes it takes to succeed in the field.

“As a former FBI agent, I have over 25 years of experience working within national security,” explains Jim Feldkamp, speaking from his home in Northern Virginia.

Jim Feldkamp has a master’s degree in international affairs and…

Jim Feldkamp Leader
Jim Feldkamp Leader

Science is a hard taskmaster. And sometimes it is difficult to quantify what exactly constitutes a huge success or an epic failure in pursuit of the truth. As such we all recognise that scientific rigour must be applied to find the truth, especially when the identification of good wine is at the centre of the conversation!

Which brings us to our latest story. With the Clipper Race teams racing to South America, and prior to arriving in Punta del Este, we on Dare to Lead had heard a malicious rumour that there was a ‘A bad bottle of Malbec’ somewhere…

James Feldkamp explains the details of the stimulus bill in response to COVID-19 and helps readers understand what it means for them.

Having worked for the government for years, James Feldkamp is able to share his professional insight on political topics with readers to increase their understanding and awareness of essential subjects. Below, he explains what the recent COVID-19 stimulus checks mean for most citizens.

“The government is stepping in to help keep our economy afloat and to provide a little financial relief to our citizens through a massive stimulus bill enacted by the president earlier last month,” says James…

Jim Feldkamp

Jim Feldkamp has 30+ years of Federal Government and military experience, specializing in international security and foreign policy initiatives.

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